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Does Your Regular Web Site Look Terrible
on a Smart Phone?

Is Your Web Site Almost Impossible to Navigate
on Hand-held Devices?

If So, You Are Losing Money!

A Mobile Web Site Can Fix That!

Mobile marketing is the fastest growing medium in the history of advertising!

More people have cell phones than computers.

A huge percentage of those devices are SmartPhones
with Internet capability.

People with Smart Phones search for local businesses while they're out and about, NOT while they're sitting at their computer!

Can YOUR business be found?
(Or can your competitor's business be found instead?)

Are you ready to embrace this huge money-making opportunity?

Call 604-468-4992 Today and We'll Get Your Mobile Web Site Up and Running in 3-5 Days!

With SmartPhones, your customers can access your business virtually any time and place: while they're riding the bus, standing in line, sitting in a waiting room, wandering around downtown, attending their kid's soccer game, eating dinner in a restaurant, watching TV, lounging in bed, lying on the beach, jogging in the park, walking the dog, running errands, sipping their morning coffee, rocking the baby, eduring a boring meeting, visiting friends or family.

Your customers might be planning a party, wondering where to go for dinner, getting married, deciding what gift to buy for their spouse, buying a house, looking for a mortgage, needing car repairs, hunting for a computer repair shop, trying to find a new job, hoping sirloin is still on special, wondering if the dry cleaning store is open late, divorcing their spouse, wanting to make a dental appointment,

It is along with great gratitude that I give special thanks to you and your office for the support that you provided me to make my ID. In the absence of your support it could be very difficult or maybe even impossible, to have an opportunity to roam.

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looking up movie times, feeling depressed, craving pizza, searching for a local law firm, comparing car prices, shopping for furniture, touring your city for the first time.

I'm sure you can think of many more times and places people might be trying to find a business just like yours on their SmartPhone. Will they find your business? If they do find your business, will they be able to quickly and easily locate the information they're looking for?

If you order a mobile Web site today, the answer is yes!

Here are some of the questions you need to ask about the usability of your Web site on a mobile device:

Most regular Web sites will fail virtually all these tests, making a separate mobile Web site mandatory to deliver a satisfactory experience to your customers... and your prospects.

If your Web site is not optimized for mobile devices and you want to see how frustrating this can be for your visitors, click here and type in your Web site's address, then click on "Add Your Mobile Site URL." If you're testing your regular site, put in your regular site's URL.

If you want to see if your competitors have mobile sites, try replacing .com with .mobi as the extension ( or try as the URL (no WWW). Other URL's to try:, or

* To find out if your site loads quickly, test it on a real cell phone or other mobile device. The mobile simulator doesn't test for speed as it uses your computer's powerful processor.